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School Diary week beginning Monday 8th February 2016

Monday 8th February – Donaghey Primary School Parent & Toddler Group (10.00am – 11.30am), Traditional Group tuition for P4 – P7 children. Tuesday 9th February – Assembly – visit from a local church minister,  EA Wind tuition, Book Fair with musical entertainment (1.10pm), Extra-Curricular Hockey for P4 – P7 children (2.45pm – 3.45pm). Wednesday 10th February – IFA football coaching for P1 – P4 children, […]

Donaghey PS Stars of the Month for December 2015 (click here to view)

  Assembly Week Ending Friday 8th January 2016 Academic: P1 Jack Wylie, P2 Rowan Brodison, P3 Jake Hall, P4 Alfie Blair, P5 Courtney Hall, P6 Patrick Beattie, P7 Taylor Stewart. Effort: P1 Kai Harkness, P2 James Henry, P3 Isaac Kelso, P4 Daniel Sloss, P5 William Henry, P6 Aimee Henry, P7 Jonny Barnes & James Brodison. Manners/Kindness: P1 Chloe Stewart, P2 Brooklyn Simpson, P3 Oliver Clarke, […]