Donaghey Parents’ Association

Welcome to Donaghey Parents’ Association (DPA).  We are a small, informal group of parents and guardians who meet up each term to discuss ways of helping and supporting the staff and pupils in the school. As a parent of a child or children at Donaghey Primary School, you are automatically entitled to attend meetings of the Parents’ Association.  It is a brilliant way of getting to know other parents of children at our school.

The purpose of the DPA is simple:

  •   To give the parents a forum to put forward suggestions and ideas to enhance the development of the school.
  •   To provide a link between school and home and offer opportunities for parental involvement in school activities.
  •   To hold fundraising events to support the school and pupils
  •   To provide refreshments for open days, concerts etc.

We would actively encourage any parent to come along to our meetings where you would be made very welcome.  Parental participation at organised events is crucial to ensure each event is a success and any time volunteered is greatly appreciated.  Your thoughts, suggestions and comments are most valuable and  are vital to the success and enhancement of our school.  Not forgetting, of course, the cup of tea or coffee & biscuits and a chat with other parents!

See our constitution below.



Minutes of Meeting 20 January 2016


Mrs Karen Anderson

Mrs Wendy Badger

Mrs AnnE Blower

Mrs Linda Boden

Mr Joanne Brown

Mrs Leeona Davidson

Mrs Jacqui Evans

Mr  Stuart Harrison

Mrs Joanne Irwin

Mrs Rosemary McIvor

Mrs Suzanne McQueen


Mrs Denise Kelso


Mr Stuart Harrison (Chairperson 2015/16) welcomed everyone to the meeting.   

Review of Minutes:

Minutes of Meeting on Tuesday 17 November 2015 were reviewed.

Review of Accounts:

Mrs J Evans (Treasurer 2015/16) gave an overview of the account.  The current balance is £1,411.

Jacqui applied for a Community Grant through her work, which could gain a possible £250 for the school.

Proposed Events:

Bag Pack

  • Karen contacted Asda to request a Bag Pack.
  • Leeona completed and submitted the necessary form to Asda for a date in February. The ‘Maths Challenge’ (£500 required) was given as our fundraising purpose.
  • Asda are to get back to us shortly.
  • We would need Collection buckets, Name tags & an Agreed rota for the day.

Christmas Quiz Sheet

  • These did not go ahead.

Cash for Clobber

  • They sent in a letter to the School last week, which was passed unto the Eco Committee who will organise a collection date soon.

Cookery Book/ Demonstration

  • Leeona discussed the proposal, which included pricing, sponsorship ideas, guidelines on compiling the book, the book launch and recipe return sheet.
  • Donaghmore School’s Cookery Book and a few others were passed around for opinions. Donaghmore’s (an A5 spiral bound clear covered country cooking feel book) prove popular and all being well we hope to do one similar only twice the thickness and charge £5 (the same as Donaghamore asked).
  • We hope that each family might purchase 5 books and with good Sponsorship the £5 received from each book sale should be profit.
  • We will aim to get sponsors linked to the school, but don’t want too many advertisements within the book (there were around 20 full/ half page ads in Newmills Playgroups Cook Book).
  • The Cement Factory may sponsor.
  • It was thought £40 for a full page ad would be achievable.
  • Celebrity and Kiddies corner Sections were suggested (to include the toddler group). We also hope to invite local residents to submit recipes.
  • October 2016 was recommended for the Book Launch.
  • Paula McIntyre (Radio Ulster) is to be contacted to see if she would be interested in participating and determine her cost.
  • Mr Harrison and Reverend Bell were thought to be good participants in a Can’t Cook Won’t Cook type activity on the night.
  • It was hoped to get the recipe request letter out for returns by Easter to allow time to compile the book.
  • An email address is to be added to the form as a return option.
  • Suzanne is to make contact with Desertcreat WI inviting them to submit recipes and attend the Book Launch.
  • The Mothers Union was also to be contacted. 

4 Peaks Challenge

  • Wednesday 6 April was proposed as the date for Geoff Chambers talk.
  • Geoff will bring his gear, introduce the team and show the DVD of his climb.
  • A light hot supper will be served which may include sandwiches, chicken goujons, cocktail sausages… – a hostess trolley could be used to keep food hot.
  • The boat costs are covered thanks to Geoff’s son (sponsorship gained).
  • A mini bus is still required if anyone has any contacts (from Thursday 9 June to pack until return on Monday 13 June).
  • A Fundraising event is still necessary towards this event – Davagh Forest was suggested for a supervised sponsored family walk and possible BBQ there – Saturday 4 June was proposed.

Movie Night

  • The next Movie Night will take place on Wednesday 10 February with a 6.30pm kick off.

Carboot Sale

  • Saturday 23 April from 10am was decided best, with a BBQ to be provided (good money maker).

Quiz Night

  • Wednesday 18 May was suggested for the Family Quiz Night.

DPA Contribution to School Trips

  • It was suggested that £4-5 should be allocated to each child towards transport for a School Trip this school year.

School Sports Kits

  • A Sports Grant will be investigated towards new School Sports Kits.
  • Pricing for these to include the school crest will be sought.

Next Meeting:

To be confirmed.

Meeting Finished at 9.45pm.