Extra Curricular

The following extra-curricular activities are presently offered:Netball (P4 – P7 girls)Football (P4 – P7 boys and girls)Mini-Hockey (P4 – P7 boys and girls)Choir (P4 – P7 boys and girls)Athletics (P7 boys and girls)

Cycling Proficiency (P7 boys and girls)

Games (P6 boys and girls)

Multi-skills Coaching (P4 – P7 boys and girls)

Tag Rugby (P4 – P7 boys and girls)

French (P7, term 3)

Transfer Club – AQE transfer test preparation

Additional activities are also offered to the children throughout the school year as and when opportunities arise.

We also offer a daily breakfast club (8.00 – 8.45am) and an after school P1 – P3 club (1.45 – 2.45pm).

These activities are taken after school by teachers and coaches from the Youth Sport Initiative. School relies on the goodwill of parents for transportation home after such activities.

It is the aim of Donaghey Primary School that all children will have an opportunity to experience a range of sports and sporting activities as part of the curriculum for physical education. We aim to increase the children’s awareness of the benefit of sports and physical activity in terms of healthy life styles and physical well being, together with developing sporting skills and creating an awareness of the benefits and value of teamwork. All children are timetabled for two sessions of P.E. during the week.All P5 – P7 children participate in a swimming programme on a weekly basis at Cookstown Leisure Centre, with P7 swimming for the first term, P6 swimming in the second term and P5 swimming for the third term.Key Stage 2 pupils participate in Football, Netball and Mini-Hockey matches against local schools. sports
music The school receives peripatetic string and wind tuition from the Southern Education and Library Board Music Service. Currently seventeen children, selected on the basis of standardised music ability tests, are receiving weekly tuition from Southern Education and Library Board String and Wind Tutors in school. All children in P4 – P7 learn to play the recorder.We also have a FolK Group with eight P4 and P5 children involved.  They are learning to play tin whistles, guitars and one child is learning to play the mandolin.Seven children also take private piano lessons in school on a weekly basis.